Casino Roulette Strategies 3

There are 38 possible outcomes to each spin of the wheel. It is important to understand that the wheel has no memory of previous spins and therefore each spin is an individual situation and has no bearing on the next spin.

I have seen many systems that are based on trends, wheel and dealer biases (uneven wheels or the way the dealer spins is believed to affect the outcome of spins). The practice of watching and recording a series of spins (usually hundreds) is called “clocking the wheel.” Many believe that there is no such thing as a biased wheel. Others swear by the position. We have not seen ample evidence for or against this process. You should be forewarned that it takes considerable time and effort to clock a wheel.

Statistically, there is absolutely no way to beat the casino on a per play basis at Roulette. This doesn’t mean that you can’t win at the game, but you won’t do so by simply playing and hoping to win more often than you lose. You can sit down and have a winning session that way, but over the long haul, you will lose. It is our position that the only way to beat the casino is to use a betting strategy and money management.

This means that the casino may win 52.63% of the spins (or more depending on how you bet), but you will win more money on the winning spins than the amount you lose on the losing spins thus resulting in a winning session (having more money than you started with).


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